Credit card issuers have been aggressively courting builders for years.

But there’s still plenty of room for expansion, as the number of credit cards available to build with them is slowly increasing.

One of the best ways to find the right card for you is to use the built-to-order option. 

As with any card, there’s an important caveat.

The built-in card features limited access to discounts and offers, and if you’re building with one, you’re probably not going to get the discounts and deals you might want.

But it also comes with a ton of features, including a free 30-day trial of a built-from-scratch card. 

So here’s a look at some of the better credit card offers that you should check out if you want to get started building your next home. 

If you want something that’s more flexible and doesn’t require a lot of building work, we’d recommend building with the Credit Builder Builder card.

Building With Credit Builder:  $5,000 per month Credit card issuer, Fidelity, is offering the Credit Builders program. 

The credit card includes the ability to build up to 5,000 square feet of your own property in one month.

It also includes a $1,000 construction bonus for every $5 invested in a $5 deposit. 

That means the bonus is a huge win if you build with Fidelity. 

However, there are a couple caveats with this card.

First, if you don’t make your home within 30 days of the purchase, the builder gets a $500 cash rebate. 

Second, the building bonus is only good for the first month you use the credit card.

If you use it for a longer period, you may be eligible for a $200 rebate, but the bank only applies the bonus if you make the initial purchase within 30 months. 

Credit Builder: $3,000 to $7,000 a month Fidelity is also offering a $3 million construction credit card that comes with access to a $2 million cash bonus for the next three years. 

You’ll also get a $250 bonus for a new home worth at least $100,000. 

While the $3.5 million construction bonus is pretty awesome, it’s definitely not worth $5 million if you can build with a credit card and have built for less. 

For this card, Fess says that you need to have an existing home worth more than $100 million and be in the US for at least 30 days to qualify. 

Fess also says that building with this credit card is best if you live in the Boston metropolitan area, and you’ll have to be in a metropolitan area with a population of more than 25,000 for the builder to offer the bonus. 

This credit card does have some restrictions that will help you build a more realistic project.

For instance, it only gives a credit of $1 for any renovations that don’t affect your credit score. 

But if you need more credit, you’ll still be able to get a credit bonus of $500 for any purchases you make with Fess. 

Build With Fess: Up to $10,000 Another Fidelity credit card, the Fess Builder Credit Card, is another credit card for building with Fusible. 

It offers a $10 million construction card that includes access to $2.5 billion in construction credits. 

 But there are some important caveats with the FSS.

First off, you need a mortgage that’s less than 10 years old to qualify, and the builder only applies construction credits for purchases made within 30 years.

Fess also has some limitations on the builder, limiting you to 50 projects a year. 

Lastly, you can’t use the builder as your primary source of financing.

So if you get a bad loan, you won’t get any of the construction credit. 

Building With Fusable:  Up to $25,000 and $50,000 credit cards There are a few other Fidelity building cards that come with access on the Fisor Builder card to build for less than $25 million. 

One of the more popular of these cards is the FFS Builder Credit card.

You’ll get a building credit of up to $50 million with up to 25 projects a month. 

Another is the FCF Builder Credit.

You can build up a $50-million project up to 50 times a year with up for 25 projects and a $25 construction bonus.

Finally, there is the Free Builder Credit .

This card offers up to a 25-year construction credit with a $100 cash bonus if a new project is completed within 10 years.


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