The Irish software developer company, Sylas, has become the second-largest software company in Ireland with more than 10,000 employees.

The Irish software giant is one of the biggest suppliers to Microsoft and has a significant customer base.

It has a number of software applications built by other Irish companies and is also a provider of online support for Microsoft’s Office 365.

The company is one part of the global software and technology company Sylas Group, which has more than 15,000 customers in Ireland.

It was founded in 2004 by former Irish IT and telecommunications professional James MacQuarie, who left his job at the Dublin city council in 2006 to start the company.

Mr MacQueries software company employs more than 20 people in Ireland and is one the biggest employers in the country with around 11,000 jobs.

A spokesperson for Sylas said the company was proud of its customer base and said it had grown significantly since its founding.

He said Sylas has a customer base of more than 30,000 across the world and had more than 50,000 applications built globally.

“It’s a significant number in the industry but it’s a small proportion of our customer base,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re working hard to grow it and continue to develop a global presence.”

Sylas is a global company that has the right mix of technology and expertise to provide a service for our customers across the globe.

“Its growing in popularity globally and we’re very proud of that.”

He said the growth in business from Europe to the United States was “very encouraging” with the company’s customers in the US, Australia and China.

Mr McQueries also announced plans to hire 50 more people in Dublin.


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