The Times has taken a closer look at the buildings that have gone into the rubbish pile. 

We have put together a list of abandoned buildings in India that have either been demolished or gone into garbage collections. 

Many of the buildings are on land owned by local governments and the government has taken action against those who are using the land for private development. 

Read more: BJP MP Vasant Bajaj, who is now an MP in Jammu, wants a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to illegal construction in India.

The land is owned by the Jammu and Kashmir Government and is used for development and the development of mining and other industries.

The BJP MP and a BJP MLA from the area, Vasant Bagheera, is also the MLA for a village near Gondi area.

The BJP has recently launched an anti-waste campaign in the area.

In another case, the government of Bihar has asked the state government to take action against an illegal building on land it owns. 

A building that was originally slated for development was demolished in 2011, according to a government report, which said that it had been constructed illegally and was the work of people who were not residents of the area who were trying to increase their income.

The report said the building was built on a plot that was illegally cleared for the construction of a factory. 

The government’s inquiry has now found that the building had been built illegally. 

In the latest instance, a construction company has been charged with illegally constructing a five-storey building on the same plot that the BJP MP was allegedly building illegally.

The company is also accused of using the same land for illegal activities.


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