When is your birthday? – Lillia and Katie build a word to match the birthday

Builds: Lilliama (lilliam), Katie (katie) and Miss Fortune (miss) build words to make their birthday party.

The word, called “Lilliam”, has been a hit and miss among the community.

The most popular is “Happy Birthday”, which has been the word of choice for the past two years.

It’s also popular with girls.

Lillio and Katie were joined by their friends and family, including the actress Lily Tomlin, who wrote the word “Happy”.

Lillies birthday came at a time when Lillie and Katie’s mother was still in a coma.

It was their first birthday together and they were looking forward to the festivities.

“It’s the happiest birthday ever,” Katie said.

“We are looking forward just to making the best cake we can, and the best birthday ever.”

The group was in awe of the cake, which was made with chocolate and raspberry jam.

“The whole party came together in such a short amount of time,” Katie told reporters after the party.

“There’s just a lot of happiness in there.”

Lillianna (Lillie) said they are looking to build on that success.

“I feel like we did really well,” she said.

Lilli, the lollipop doll, and Katie (Katie) make a cute little party cake.

“Our first year was really hard because our mum had a brain tumour, and it was a very, very, long time,” Lilliana said.

Katie said the party was also a way for the family to express gratitude for the support they received during her coma.

“If we didn’t have it we wouldn’t have been able to get through,” she told reporters.

“So it was really nice to have that support.

It means a lot.”

The Lillians are hoping to build more word creations this year.

“In the future, we’re looking to do a lot more word builds,” Katie added.

Lili and Katie say they are happy to be a part of the word-building community.

“That’s a big thing for us, being part of a community that’s going to be here forever,” Katie shared.

“When you get older and have to make decisions for yourself, you want to support someone you trust and you want them to make the best decisions for you,” Lilli said.


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