When building a new home in FLORIDA, it’s essential to remember to include sprinklers, says builder

FLORIA, Florida (Reuters) – For home buyers looking to build a new house, sprinklers are a necessity.

In Florida, builders must include sprinkler systems, such as sprinklers on walls and ceilings, in all new construction, but some states are more restrictive.

A state by state look at sprinkler requirements can help you narrow down your choices, and some are more expensive than others.

For example, a new state building code for Florida requires sprinklers installed on all new homes, but in most states that requirement is optional.

For homeowners in Florida, it may seem like the answer to sprinkler installation is obvious.

But the truth is it is more complicated, especially if you have a family of five or more.

Some states have more stringent requirements for sprinklers than others, depending on where you live.

And while some states don’t have sprinklers at all, many do have them in some form or another.

Below are the key sprinkler codes in Florida and some states where sprinklers may be mandatory:For more information on sprinklers in Florida visit our article:,