We asked some of our readers what they thought was the best build for their laptop or desktop computer.

Some of the answers surprised us.

One of the more popular Kodi builds we saw was from the creators of the popular Plex Media Server, Plex and the Raspberry Pi, a Raspberry Pi 3 computer that we’ve reviewed before.

We like the Pi 3 for its great build quality, but we found it more useful as a workstation.

The Pi 3 has more storage and memory than the Pi 2 and Pi 1 combined, but the Raspberry 3 is lighter and has more ports.

Another builder we liked was the XBox One build from the developers of the Xbox 360 gaming console.

The XBox 360 was the last console we reviewed, and it has a lot of porting, but it is light, portable, and has an 8-core processor.

Another build we loved was the Kodi desktop build by developer TheKodi Team.

The Kodi Team has built an amazing Kodi desktop that comes with everything you need for Kodi.

It’s light and portable, but is also powerful and can run on a variety of platforms.

You can also download and run Kodi on a Chromebook or a RaspberryPi.

If you want to build a Kodi desktop, you’ll want to pick up the XBMC Linux build.

The build is lightweight and has a very good set of ports, so it’s a great choice for a Kodi build.

But if you want a lightweight Kodi build that is very easy to port, you might want to look into the XFCE Linux build from developer xFCE.

This build is a cross-platform build that can run Linux and macOS.

If you’re on Windows, you can also try the Xubuntu build by xubuntu-team.

The Ubuntu version is lightweight, but its portability makes it a great Kodi desktop.

Finally, you may want to try the Chromium build.

This is a powerful build that includes everything you’ll need to build your Kodi desktop and it comes with the best set of Kodi ports.

However, you will need to spend some time getting it set up to run.

The Chromium version has the best portability of any Kodi build, and we recommend using it as your Kodi installation.

The built-in browser is great, too, and its easy to use and have a great user experience.

You can download the Kodi Desktop Build and install it on any computer, so you don’t have to worry about configuring it and getting it running on your hardware.

If your computer is not up to Kodi, you could use the Plex Web Browser for a full Kodi experience.

You will want to get the Plex Desktop Build if you are looking for a way to install Kodi, as it is extremely easy to set up.

For more information on how to build Kodi on your computer, see the Kodi wiki.