Darius is building a shed.

The building will house a new studio.

What is it?

Darius is a community builder.

He’s building a studio for people to build.

He will have a place for artists to share their projects.


Darius wants to connect people to one another.

Darius believes people should have the chance to be creative.

Darius is doing this because he believes everyone deserves a place to build and share their work.

Why not just create your own studio?

Why not build a shed?

Darius said it was a common misconception that studios were for building.

It’s not.

Darius said people are afraid to put their own studios up, and people have been building studios for years.

Darius wanted to change that.

Darius was able to find a studio that was just right for him.

He found a studio in Detroit that he could build his own studio from scratch.

Darius plans to make the shed the base for his studio.

Why Detroit?

Darius and his partner will rent out the shed to the community.

Darius has always wanted to connect to people in Detroit.

He hopes this shed will help make that happen.

What will the shed look like?

Darius plans on creating a space that is unique to Darius.

He wants to bring a different atmosphere to the studio.

Darius will be able to create his own style.

Darius wants this space to be a space for his projects to flourish.

Darius and the partners plan to put in a community mural that will connect people with each other.

Darius’s partner will be the artist.

Darius hopes the mural will be a great way for Darius to connect with the community and make a positive impact on the community, which is a big part of his work.

How much will it cost?

Darius will rent the shed from the city of Detroit for a one-time fee of $10,000.

Darius says he’ll put up the shed and the mural on the front of the building.

Darius thinks the shed is a great project.

Darius expects to build more sheds throughout the year and hopes to connect more people with the shed.

Why did Darius need to do this?

Darius says the shed will be his base of operations.

Darius doesn’t want to become a studio landlord.

He doesn’t even want to live in a studio.

His goal is to be part of a community where people are able to be artists and to share ideas.

What about the shed’s neighbors?

Darius has a partner who is the artist and will be painting the mural.

Darius also has a co-worker who will be doing murals.

Darius isn’t worried about the neighbors, he says.

He just wants to make sure the mural and the shed meet his needs.

Darius recently completed a shed that had been built in a similar style to the shed Darius is now building.

He also has plans to renovate a shed in the community that he previously rented out for $10 per month.

What’s next?

Darius believes this shed could be a stepping stone to a studio with more sheds around the city.

He says it will help his business grow.

Darius intends to expand his studio beyond just his shed.

He plans to create more sheds to rent out for other artists and artists’ studios.

Darius may also be interested in becoming a community artist.

How will Darius and Darius’s partners be able with the money that they make?

Darius expects the studio to generate enough money to help cover the cost of the shed, the mural, and his co-workers.

Darius sees this as an investment that will benefit the community he’s building.

How did Darius come up with the idea of a shed to start his own community?

Darius started with a shed from his childhood.

He took a shed he had in his family and converted it into a shed for his friends to build a studio together.

Darius would often bring his friends in for studio time and would create a mural that would connect them with the studio they were working on.

Darius felt that he needed to build something that would be similar to a shed and that he didn’t want his friends and his family to have to do it alone.

Darius decided to find another shed and he decided to take it to Detroit to build it himself.

What are some of the other projects Darius is working on?

Darius’s vision is to build an all-inclusive studio.

He is working to bring together artists from all over the world and build studios that will be more than just a studio to build artwork.

Darius already has a few studios in the works.

He has two more to build in Detroit, one in Nashville and one in Los Angeles.

Darius now has plans for more sheds in the future.

He said he would like to expand to Los Angeles in the near future.

Darius, a music producer and DJ, is also a founding member of a group called The Bakersfield Project.

Darius started the group in 2014 to bring music and dance to people around the world.

Darius had a shed built in the shed he grew up in


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