Builders at Veigars automotive engineering facility in São Paulo, Brazil, have built a super car that weighs almost 200 pounds and weighs nearly one tonne, and which is designed to go faster than any car that ever has been built.

The car was developed by Veigarist in partnership with an engineering company called ZF Group.

It’s called the Veigarth, and the name refers to the large, curved roof.

The company says the Veigs car has a top speed of around 180mph and can go up to 220km/h.

Veigarts engineers have also developed a range of other innovative innovations, such as a 3D-printed body that makes the car lighter, a carbon fibre roof that can be folded to the shape of the car’s body, and a specialised aerodynamic system to reduce drag.

We wanted to design a car that would be truly world-class, Veigark said in a statement.

We’ve had a few years to think about the design and performance and we’re pleased to say that the car is as it should be.

It looks very different from any other supercar, but we have developed some very clever design innovations that will make it possible to make this car a reality.

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