In its fourth quarter of 2016, SolarCity completed a record $2.8 billion in sales, generating $2 billion in net income and a net loss of $2,000 per employee.

SolarCity’s earnings came from $1.3 billion of sales of the $3.5 billion solar installation and distribution business.

In 2017, Solar City will continue to deliver record revenue, net income, and profit growth as the company seeks to compete on price, and on an even playing field with its competitors in the solar market.

In addition to the record quarter of solar installations, Solar’s fourth quarter was the first time SolarCity has reported a net income of more than $1 billion, and it delivered a $1,000 profit per employee for the fourth quarter.

Solar’s success is not unique to solar.

Solar is already powering more than 70% of the world’s power plants.

Its recent acquisition of NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG) and its expansion into the energy sector, as well as its investment in batteries and other new technologies, have also been key factors in the company’s growth.

However, the solar boom in the US is not as strong as SolarCity would like.

The US installed just 1.7 GW of solar capacity in the fourth-quarter, which is less than half of what it had in the second-quarter of 2016.

The SolarCity solar boom has had a significant impact on the price of solar energy.

Solar’s price plummeted by 70% in the third quarter of 2017, after a record-breaking 30% year-over-year drop in the first quarter of 2018.

This year, SolarSolar is expected to be the largest solar PV installer in the country, with the US installed capacity at 1.1 GW.

This will lead to an estimated 1.4 GW of installed capacity by 2021.

The solar boom is still only part of the story for SolarCity.

It has also created significant new markets for the company.

The company has been successful in driving growth for its existing customers, particularly those with large amounts of rooftop solar.

For example, the company has built up over $6 billion of rooftop PV and other rooftop solar installations in the past five years.

SolarSolar and other solar installers also have benefited from the recent expansion of the electric vehicle market.

The Tesla electric vehicle is currently on sale in over 50 countries, and is expected by 2021 to become the largest global electric vehicle by market share.

Solar and other installers will also continue to compete with the Chinese manufacturers, who are making their own battery storage technologies.

The success of solar and other large scale solar projects has led to an expansion of other industries that will also benefit from this growth in the future.

The number of U.S. jobs added since 2020 has been nearly triple that of the year before.

Solar has been able to drive this growth by creating a new market for energy, as the technology has been used to make the technology accessible to more people.

Solar continues to provide a strong platform for companies to grow, with large scale projects in both the residential and commercial solar markets, and new companies looking to enter the solar business.

The future is brighter for solar than ever.

As more companies look to expand into the renewable energy market, the companies that succeed will have a significant financial impact on other industries.

Solar can also help drive the transformation of energy and business in the United States, which will ultimately benefit our national economy and the world.


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