The commercial building and car parts market is worth around $1 trillion a year.

And, while some parts are used in cars, the bulk of those used in the industry are used for consumer electronics and other personal devices.

But the market is dominated by one company: Car Builders Association of Australia.

In 2016, the group took the biggest hit in Australian car building history.

Its market share fell from 51 per cent in 2015 to 43 per cent the year after, with the market now estimated at around 50 per cent.

But it is still making inroads into a segment of the market that is growing at a far faster rate.

And that is a market where some are making a killing. 

The car parts industry is a huge business and it generates about $3 billion for the Australian economy.

But some parts, including parts for cars, are used almost exclusively by people who have no formal vocational training.

The Australian Consumer Law Centre says this is a dangerous business model, as people are pressured to pay a premium to buy a car that has not been modified for their own use.

And there is a real risk that the demand for such parts could push the market towards a tipping point.

“If you have a big, well-designed product that doesn’t have any significant modifications, then it becomes a little bit easier to get a product into the market, but that could potentially lead to a lot of the products being more expensive and less efficient than they should be,” said Car Builder Association CEO John Smith. 

Car Builder Association of Victoria’s CEO, Andrew Walker, agrees.

“I think we’ve been very clear about that for a long time, and we’ve always been clear that the market doesn’t need to be driven by a few people in Melbourne and Sydney,” he said.

“We’ve always had a market that can be driven as well by a small group of people.”

But not all parts used in commercial buildings are the same.

Some parts used for cars are made in Australia, while others are imported from overseas.

And some parts used to build computers, tablets and other devices are also imported from abroad.

It is the latter that has attracted the most attention, and the Australian Consumer Policy Council is warning against “mass importation” of parts from overseas and into Australia.

But in an industry that is notoriously secretive, some parts can be made in secret, meaning they can remain hidden from the public.

And even if you are able to buy the parts in the car parts department, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to get them repaired or replaced.

“There are many parts that are in a fairly well known brand name that are used on the car that you could easily purchase, but you’d have to know that there were parts that were in those brands that you were not aware of,” Mr Walker said.

And then there are the parts that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace.

The problem is, most parts are made overseas, with overseas parts being used in consumer electronics, computers, and other electronic devices.

“In a lot more cases than not, they’re actually made in China or Taiwan or some other part of the world,” Mr Smith said.

The Consumer Policy Alliance says the government should be “actively encouraging” the development of new consumer electronics products and parts that don’t rely on overseas imports.

“The Australian market is in desperate need of consumer electronics that are more affordable and that can also be customized to meet a person’s needs,” Mr Scott said.

If the government is serious about improving the quality of the Australian manufacturing sector, it should look at investing in new technologies that will improve the supply chain so that we can make more efficient products and make our products as affordable as possible.

“When you look at what we’re doing in our manufacturing sector and the opportunities we have to make more of our products more affordable, you can see where that could lead us,” he added.



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