NEW YORK — The construction industry is in the midst of a boom and a bust.

It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy and one of those with a big influence on the way we live and work.

We’ve seen a number of companies take advantage of the boom in the construction industry to grow their sales and profits, to take advantage to drive higher sales and profit margins.

The bust is what happens when those big companies can’t keep up with demand.

The housing busts are a result of too much demand, too little supply.

But the construction boom is also the best investment for the economy because it allows us to get into the construction of a new infrastructure project, a project that will build new jobs and economic growth for all of us.

That’s why I’ve been calling for a reallocation of resources from the housing and construction sectors to the infrastructure sectors, because it is the most important sector for the United States economy, the fastest-growing, the largest employer in our country.

And so we’re going to be investing in infrastructure and in construction.

We are going to put the resources in the infrastructure sector.

That is what the president is doing.

Now, we’ve heard the criticism that he hasn’t spent enough money on infrastructure.

We know that he has spent a lot.

But if we want to build a strong infrastructure, we need a robust infrastructure plan.

So we’ve been investing in roads, bridges, water and sewer lines, schools, police and fire departments, schools for children, and so on.

I know that some of those investments have been slow and some have been rapid.

We’ll need a lot more investment in the next few years.

Some have suggested that we need to increase our investments in energy and infrastructure.

I believe that we have to increase spending on infrastructure, too.

There are some people who say that the infrastructure is too expensive.

I disagree with that.

If you look at how much the average American household has paid for infrastructure, it’s more than three times the amount that the average corporation spends.

That’s why we need the government to build roads, airports, bridges and roads.

But we have also got to make sure that we’re not creating too much debt and making too many people in this country more dependent on the federal government.

We’re going have to make the investments that we make to get our economy back on track.

So I believe in reinvesting in the future and investing in our infrastructure, and I’m going to make those investments.

As far as taxes, we’re still paying more than we were a decade ago.

But I believe the government should be more aggressive in helping to create jobs, especially in the sectors that have the greatest demand, like construction.

And I think that we should make sure we’re making the investments to help create jobs in those sectors.

In the past, I’ve argued that we shouldn’t spend too much money on things that can’t be sustained, because we should always try to reinvest in the people who are working in those industries, and in those areas that are important.

So when I hear criticism that I haven’t spent too much on infrastructure and roads, I say, ‘Look, you know what?

We’re doing a good job of creating jobs in the areas where the job is most needed, and we’re also spending money on the things that will make those jobs.

So the question is, what do we spend that money on?

The answer is going to depend on how well the economy is doing, and the extent to which the economy grows.

I think we need infrastructure, but we also need jobs and good jobs, too, so that we can grow the economy.

With respect to the economy, we are seeing a number that are creating jobs, and it’s a big reason why I’m making infrastructure investments.

And there are a number — a lot of them — that have been able to pay for themselves in terms of the capital investments that they’ve made.

I’ll put out a statement next week, but I think you’re going see a lot that is going on, and if we’re building infrastructure, I think it’s going to grow the economic activity in the United the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

One thing that I think will be really helpful in the rebuilding of our economy is that we’ve got to rebuild our bridges, roads, water systems, schools.

We need them.

And they need to be replaced and rebuilt.

And we need more people to be employed.

But they need not to have to go to a job site.

And that means having people who have been here a long time who have skills that are useful to the new workers, not just to new workers but to the workers who have already been here, who will benefit from those skills and who are looking for jobs.

They need to have jobs, yes.

And then they need good jobs that pay well