The Russian president said he could not win an election based on his personal qualities.

He added that the election should be a democratic contest between the people.

Putin, who will hold the first meeting of his presidency with his new cabinet on Tuesday, said his team had gathered the necessary information to make the election a fair one.

He also called for a strong and fair election process and for the opposition to be allowed to participate.

“The electoral commission will have to work as fast as possible,” Putin said.

“We will have a fair and transparent election.

The system of elections should be developed.

The law of the republic will be applied.”

He said he would have more detailed proposals by the end of the week.

Russia’s election commission has so far produced a preliminary report on the results of the presidential election, which was postponed in October following the discovery of potentially damaging documents.

The commission said it was ready to make an official announcement by late February.

The presidential election has been the focus of intense criticism from the West and Russia, which has repeatedly denied hacking the U.S. election in an effort to help Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump and Putin have met twice since then, but Putin has been far more active in trying to influence the outcome of the vote.

In a speech on Tuesday that was widely seen as aimed at wooing Putin, Trump said he was open to working with Putin on issues including Syria and Ukraine.

“I will never, ever give up our country and our people.

I don’t give up,” Trump said.

He reiterated his calls for a tougher stance against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

“Russia has proven that it is the world’s most powerful nation, and they are ready to help us in this effort.

They will not leave us alone.

They are willing to be a part of this fight.

I think they will be a very, very strong partner,” Trump added.

Russia has also come under scrutiny for its response to the outbreak of the disease, which is the largest on record.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization called on the Russian government to stop importing food from Ukraine, which imports most of its food from Russia.

The organization said the import ban would harm people in Ukraine.

In February, the Russian parliament passed a law requiring food products to be sourced from Russia or its regions, and that the importation of food from those regions would be banned until such time as Russia fully implements the ban.

Trump has said he wants to build an economic relationship with Putin, whose economy relies heavily on Russia.

He is expected to meet Putin in Moscow on Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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