‘My house was a ghost town’: Inside the ghost town of a house builder’s dream

A house builder in the small Canadian town of Napanee in the Yukon Territory was in business for 30 years.

He sold homes in the area and built out-of-town projects on the outskirts of town.

But when he died in 2007, he left behind a legacy that left his family and his neighbors wondering what would have happened if the building had collapsed or burned down.

Now the story of the Napaneys house is becoming the subject of a documentary film, which premieres on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics on Sunday.

“My house and my family’s home was a lot more beautiful,” says the narrator of the documentary, which will feature a number of interviews with family and friends.

“The community came together to rebuild my house.”

In the documentary “The House Built to Spare,” the Nanas will discuss what would happen if the Naps had built a new house in their former home.

“We’d have to leave our house,” said the narrator, who has a degree in architectural engineering.

“A whole new building would be in the way.”‘

The house was the most beautiful thing in the world’In the Napton community, the Napans were known for their work ethic and their love of family.

“When you see a house in the sky,” the narrator says, “that’s a house built to spare.”

“When I first moved into my house, I went out on a date and had a drink with my cousins and my parents,” said one of the family members.

“I had a big, beautiful house,” says another.

“It was beautiful, beautiful, wonderful,” said a third.

But the Napones weren’t always so lucky.

“There was one time in my life when I got really depressed,” said their son, Paul.

“And I decided to build a house out of a box.”

The Napanes were also known for a number more creative projects, including building a “magic” house.

“You know, we didn’t think about it in the beginning,” said Paul.

But Paul said his family decided that a magic house could be the perfect home for a family who had lost both their parents.

“That’s what we were thinking about when we built that house,” he said.

“So, we went back to our childhood and we thought, Well, what do we do with our house?”

The Napon family’s house has a history that stretches back nearly two centuries.

It was built in 1878, and Paul Napanie, now 92, says his parents built the house in response to a fire at the family’s cabin.

“All of us were so young,” he says.

“People came from all over the world to work on our house, but we couldn’t work on the cabin.”

He said they also had to keep the house safe.

“So, when you’re a young family, you’re really in the wilderness,” he recalled.

“And we built the cabin to protect our family.”

The documentary also explores the story behind a house that was built into the ground.

“In a lot of cases, they were built into mountains,” said Napani, who also lives in the Namanne community.

“But sometimes they were not, they went up on the mountain.”

It took three years for the Namas to finish the house.

But, the family is proud of the work that went into it.

“Our house was very beautiful and it was built with love and it’s been built with purpose,” said wife, Barbara Napanine.

“If you look at the house, you see the work and you see your family’s contributions.”

The family is working to finish up the house’s exterior and interior.

The Naps said they’re still haunted by the house they built.

“As soon as we were finished building, there was a very strong desire to come and see it, to live there and have our family visit,” said Barbara.

“Everybody knew that if they got in the house and looked at it, they would see it.”


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