The Malzhar building drawing, shown above, shows how the building is built using two separate elements, a timber frame and a metal structure.

Key points: The Malazhar building is seen in a series of photographs that show a series on how the structure is built.

The building is one of the largest structures in the world.

It is part of the Malazahar National Historic Site.

It includes a building that was once home to the Malzabad school.

The structure has also been in the news after a group of local people started a petition asking the Government to build a museum to commemorate the Malazzar building.

The site is the second largest in the country.

The Malazzars family had moved to the area in the 1970s and built a home in a local community.

The house is believed to have been built around 1800.

Malzaffars children used to live in the building.

“The building itself was a bit of a mess,” Mr Malzachar said.

“It was quite a work in progress.”

Mr Malzbars family were eventually able to build their home, and he said they were proud of the building’s design.

“It was built to last a lifetime,” he said.

“That was our dream, and we built it.”

The building was once used as a school, and Mr Malzebars said the Malbars family hoped to return to the building to build another one.

“We’ve got plans for that one,” he joked.

Mr Malzabars family hopes to return home to rebuild their Malzawar school building.

The building is part to the site that is now a museum.

Mr Malzar said it would be the biggest building in the nation and would include an education centre and classrooms.

He said the site had always been a bit rough, and the building was a “very special place”.

“There’s lots of people that live there, so we want to build something special,” he explained.

The National Historic Register currently lists the building as a Grade B heritage site.

The site is also listed as being part of a protected area, and is managed by the Queensland Government.

Mr Malzar has already put a plaque on the building saying the building would be a place to see and work.

This will be the site where Malzadars children will come to learn about the history of the community, he said, as well as the Malbadar School.

Anyone wishing to visit the building can email the building drawing to [email protected]

You can also sign the petition to build the museum.


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