This is the first in a series of Lego Building ideas from Janna from the Lego Movie.

It’s a good idea to build the Lego version of a house.


Build a house for your family 2.

Build an old-school LEGO house for friends 3.

Build the same old-fashioned house that you used to build on your own for your son 4.

Build Lego version 3 and use it as a base to build a modern house for yourself.


Create a Lego house from scratch with a few LEGO pieces.


Take your child to the beach and watch them build the perfect Lego house.


Build your own Lego house for a birthday party.


Build one Lego house in your home for Christmas.


Create Lego version 5 and build it to suit your needs.


Build something special from scratch, like a giant LEGO dragon!