The Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government are working together on a joint project to create a sign for the Israeli-Palestinian state.

The PA said the project will mark the start of a new phase of reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians.

PA officials said they will use the project to show that the two sides can overcome their differences and to establish a common understanding.

The project will also be a reminder to Israelis and Palestinians alike of the two countries’ shared destiny and the long road ahead.

The Palestinian Authority said in a statement that the project is aimed at creating a “recognition” of the 1967 borders, which it says is the basis for the two nations’ peace.

The PA also called on Israel to acknowledge the right of the people of the West Bank to a future state, and for Israel to respect international law.

The signing of the document will mark a turning point in relations between the two parties, which have been on a downward spiral for decades.

The two sides have been at loggerheads over the years over the construction of Jewish settlements in the West