The game of riven is one of the best-selling PC gaming franchises.

If you have a keyboard and mouse, riven will bring you the action of an action-packed shooter.

But with the release of rundle, the developers have made a lot of changes to the game, and we are happy to see them do so.

This article takes a look at the changes made to the riven game.

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The Ninja is now a character in the game You can use the Ninja button on your keyboard to summon a ninja.

This makes it easier to control a ninja, and the Ninja character will have a unique attack.

This button is also used for a ranged attack, where you can shoot a bolt from your ninja hand.


You can now switch between the two different classes in the same match The Ninja can be selected as either an attack character or a support character.

Both characters are unlocked as part of the Ninja quest, and can be equipped in the character selection screen.

This allows you to switch between them in the match, or switch back to the default character once you are done.


The ‘S’ key in the combo box now opens up the Ninja menu in the options menu.

This lets you switch between ninja and support characters.

This is great for switching between characters during matches.


Ninja moves now have a different animation Every character has a unique move that is different from the default moves in the main game.

You will notice that your character’s movement when moving towards a target has a different animations.


You now unlock more characters in the ninja quest The Ninja quest is a story-driven quest in the rundle world.

In this quest, you can find out more about the people who make up the rangers, and also get access to the skills and items that they need to survive.

There is also an achievement for collecting a million coins and completing this quest.

It is possible to unlock all the characters in riven.


New weapons in the Ninja world You can pick up a weapon from the ninja world in your inventory.

It will appear in the weapon rack at the back of the ninja shop.


Ninja quest and Ninja weapons now unlock when you defeat an enemy in the jungle A ninja has been sent to capture a mysterious ninja in the jungles of the rukongai.

You must defeat the ninja in order to gain access to their hidden weapon.

It’s possible to collect coins and other rewards along the way.

You’ll also get a quest that will let you unlock more weapons, so be sure to unlock them before you go to the jungle!


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