Football Italian, ar build kits, kit ar build, kit, kits ar, kits, kits build, kits source Al Jazeera English title Kit ar build article Kit ar dobasti, ar ella, ar dobbasti ella article The article of the day on kit ar doebasti.

The article that tells us how to make one of the most iconic kits ever made.

The one that is always on display in football stadiums around the world.

The kits that have inspired the legends of the game.

The kit that has always been the focal point of the dressing room.

The matchday experience.

The players that have loved it from the moment they walk on the pitch to the moment the match is over.

The shirt that has become a symbol of everything that is great about football.

This is the kit ar create for your footballing heroes.

It is the one you need.

If you’re the manager, or a coach, or just a football fan, you’ll find this article of interest.

The truth is that the kit that makes you proud to be a football player, or for that matter the manager of your team, is always in the dressing rooms of your games.

This kit, as you will find out below, has been designed for you.

It has been created with you in mind.

But it is the same kit that is used by the players and fans of every team in every sport.

And this is why it is so important that you buy this kit.

You can’t afford to lose it.

It’s priceless.

The design of the kit is something that has been in the game since the beginning.

It came from the original football shirt.

The same design was used by every team throughout history.

It was the inspiration for the kits of the greats, the kits that inspired the greatest players and teams of all time, and the kit used by players who are now famous and revered around the globe.

The original football kit The first kit that was ever made was the original one.

And it was made by the company of footballers Giancarlo Totti and Roberto Baggio.

It lasted for almost a century.

The iconic kit The name that is synonymous with this kit is the “La Bombonera”.

This is a reference to the football club that has represented Italy in the world cup, and that was founded in 1926.

In the 1960s, when the brand La Bomboneria was born, the company made an effort to make their kits as authentic as possible.

This was a very important step.

The La Bombonière was made with the utmost care, as the design of a modern football kit is very important.

The team had to take into account the design, the colours, the design style and the details.

The goal was to ensure that the kits were as authentic and as comfortable as possible to the players that played for the club.

This process was also the main reason why it took over two decades to make the kits.

However, in the last years of the La Bombonerie, the team has come a long way.

It also takes some time for the players to adapt to the new kits.

There are two main reasons why this has taken so long.

First, the technical aspect of the kits has changed a lot.

The designers of La Bombones have always been extremely meticulous.

They have always used the latest technology to ensure the most modern and effective kit.

Secondly, the players themselves have become more familiar with the designs.

As the years have passed, the La Bomones have become the brand that is celebrated for the quality and innovation of the football kits.

These teams have always produced a fantastic kit, but there have been times when they have produced a kits that were far from what the fans wanted.

They could have made a better kit.

The new kit for La Bomonière After more than two decades, the new kit has finally arrived.

And for the first time in the history of La Bomonerie football, we have a kit that we can truly call “La Bomonière”.

It is not just a new look, or better colours, or more advanced technology.

This new kit is truly unique, but it is also something that will be a great pleasure for the fans of La Bomberonière to wear.

A brand that was born in the 20th century and has been around for more than 150 years.

This brand will be loved by everyone, and is not going to disappoint.

The first time I saw this kit, it was just a few years ago.

I have worn the La Bomberonais in front of a packed crowd at a club that is known for its atmosphere.

The atmosphere is something I have experienced on many occasions, and I am always very happy when I see the La Bombs in front.

The colour scheme has also been tweaked to be more colourful.

In other words, the kit has been changed.

It looks different, it feels different, and you can see that the design has been put into practice. The


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