Building supply shortages are a common problem in many provinces, but they’re also becoming increasingly common across the country.

The federal government says it has been trying to address the problem by boosting the supply of equipment, building materials and materials.

However, it has found it difficult to get the required supply from suppliers in many parts of the country, and the government has had to cut back on supplies, including to hospitals and schools.

A lot of people are in a very tight space.

“It’s been a lot of frustration,” said Rob McCoy, vice-president of the Ontario Building Trades Council.

“A lot of the supply lines have been very, very tight.”

The government has also faced criticism from some local governments that have been left out of the building supply program, because they are often reluctant to spend money to help them build.

Building supply is critical to the country’s economy, says Doug Porter, a senior fellow at the University of Waterloo.

The government is making sure that when people go out and buy goods, they’re purchasing from Ontario-based businesses, not companies in other provinces.

But the supply issue has made it harder for some companies to meet demand, he said.

“We’re still dealing with a lack of supply.

There’s no clear solution for the supply gap,” said Porter.

A few companies have tried to help with the problem, like Ottawa’s Capital Building Supply.

It has a network of supply centers across the province, including the city of Ottawa, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country at 15 per cent.

The company has been able to reach out to local governments and have them set up supply centers, and then they can get to work building things for customers.

But McCoy said the solution isn’t enough.

“There are still a lot more people out there who are not being provided with supply, which is a real problem,” he said, adding that he thinks the government should work with suppliers to get more supply to the provinces.

The government has tried to address supply shortages by raising the minimum wage, and introducing the National Building Program.

But Porter says that will only help to create more shortages, which will eventually hurt the economy.

The National Building program was established in 1999 to provide funding for the building of new buildings.

In 2015, the government raised the minimum wages for workers making up to $35,000.

That’s still far below the cost of living, and it still doesn’t meet the needs of most Canadians, he says.

Porter is also concerned that Ontario has been slow to expand the National Capital Commission, which was created in the 1980s to provide a voice for the province’s economic development.

“I think they’ve kind of been slow,” he says of the provincial government.

“They’re not really focused on making sure the city gets its fair share of the capital investment.”


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