The latest version of the Nintendo Switch console has some new features for the home entertainment market.

The console has been given a new controller that features a button that can be mapped to the back of the console and allows for the creation of a new gaming console with the Switch.

The controller is designed to work with the console’s motion controls, allowing players to select from a variety of games and control them in a way similar to how you would play on a TV.

Players can also create their own game with a button on the console.

The Switch console’s controller is a game changer, with the ability to customize games for both the home and portable versions of the device.

The game console is one of the first gaming devices that has the ability for controllers that can work with motion controls.

While the controller’s function isn’t quite as impressive as a controller that works with Xbox controllers, the controller is still a huge improvement over the Nintendo 3DS’ controller.

The Nintendo Switch controller is also a great addition for people who have trouble getting the Switch to play games on a standard television.

The Nintendo Switch is a good game console for anyone who is looking to get into console gaming.

The new controller is great for gamers who want to be able to play with their friends or family members on a television.

If you have a console that you’d like to play on, this could be the console for you.


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