Building a Viking sword from a rusty bottle is no easy task.

But there’s a way to do it that will save you hours of tedious work.

That’s what the makers of The Viking Sword have done with a small plastic bottle.

They created a custom mold that allows the sword to be built and assembled in seconds.

This means you can make a sword with ease and speed that you can use in battle.

If you want to get the full Viking sword experience, you’ll need to invest in a steel forge and a steel blade.

The metal for the Viking sword is crafted from steel and is tempered at the forge.

The blade is a modified version of the original blade.

The process is relatively simple, and you just need to put the metal on the mold.

The process is then repeated until the steel is mixed and the blade is formed.

There are some key points to this process: the metal must be tempered, the blade must be forged, and then you mix the metal and the steel together.

So, for this project, we’ll use a metal molds from Naval Dynamics.

Naval is a major manufacturer of military and commercial steel products.

Their molds are made from a special alloy that is extremely hard, light, and tough.

They also use a process called steam pressure melting.

When you melt a piece of steel in this way, it forms a solid metal that is about 50% stronger than steel normally is.

The Viking sword that we are building is a modification of the molds used for the original Viking sword.

You’ll need: 1. 

A metal mold, 2. 

The metal mold (that you’ll be using for this process), 3. 

One blade and two hilts. 


Two spades. 


Five or six small pieces of plywood. 


10-15 gallons of water. 


Ten minutes of work. 


1 gallon of distilled water.9. 

15 minutes of sanding.10. 

3-5 minutes of painting.

The steel used for this sword is 1/16 inch thick.

This is about the thickness of a dime.

It can be cut into three pieces.

The sword will have a base of about six inches wide. 

Here’s a video of a sword made using a molds made by Naval Dynamics.

It looks like the sword we’re making is a fairly small, but it’s a pretty sturdy sword.

How to Build the Viking Sword The process of building the sword is pretty simple.

We will need:1.

A piece of metal to hold the sword. 

2 . One hilt, 3 . 

Two blades, 4 . 

A spade, 5 . 

10 gallons of distilled drinking water.

The sword will be a modification, and it can be made in any of three ways. 

First, you can build the sword using a standard molds. 

Second, you could build it from a metal mold. 

Third, you would simply make it yourself using a small amount of metal.

The latter method would require a few hours to create a mold.

You would then have to get your steel forging company to do the work.

It is also worth noting that the metal you get from the forge will be made from something that is very hard and brittle, and so is not suitable for use in a blade.

If you are going to build the Viking in the first way, then you will need a forge that is strong enough to handle the heavy steel. 

To make a steel sword, you will want to use a steel hammer that is at least three times the weight of the sword, and that you are comfortable using for the hammer.

A good hammer should have a very light touch and be made of steel.

A hammer can also be made out of steel, or copper, but steel is much more difficult to work with. 

You will need the following materials: Steel Steel hammer, A steel sheet. 

Steel cutting board. 

Ceramic, Celerite, Carbon, Pewter, Steel wire, Sponge, Plastic tubing, Sterile clay. 

Sandpaper, Foam, Grit. 

Water. Gel sand. 

Step 1: Determine the Steel We need to decide what steel we are going for.

The best steel to use for this task is a standard 3/8 inch steel hammer. 

It has a light touch, and is easy to work on.

If you are making this sword out of metal, then the hammer should be at least five times the thickness you would use for a standard steel sword.

The hammer should also be able to be used for hammering the sword together. 

I chose to use 


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