By TheScore Staff Writer September 15, 2018 11:33:50The Smite Smite build is one of the most popular tools for building Smite builds.

This article will walk you through how to build the build.1.

Download the Smite SDK and the Smites SDK 2.

Download Smite v1.0.0 and set up your Smite account3.

Download and install the Smiter plugin 4.

Create your build 5.

Build the build and save it6.

Build your Smiter build.

You can also check out the official Smite FAQ for more information.7.

Copy the Smit build you downloaded and save in a new directory8.

Rename the build to whatever you want9.

Renaming is optional and doesn’t matter.10.

Open Smite and log in with your Smit account.11.

Click on “My Account” and click “Settings”12.

Under “Build Tools” click on “File” and then click on the “+” button to add the build file you just created13.

Now click on “+” to save the build 14.

If you are using an older version of the build, make sure to delete it if it was there before.15.

Copy your build from the directory where you downloaded it to the directory in which you copied it to and overwrite it with the build you just downloaded.16.

Launch the Smiting app and you will see your build.

Click “Create Build” to get started.


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