When you think of capital cities, what comes to mind?

Capitol buildings?

Fashion capitals?

These buildings have come to symbolize America’s status as the global economic center.

But as more and more cities, states, and even nations are looking to create their own capitals, a new city is making its mark: Xin Zhao Buildcard, a platform that allows people to build the capital they desire in their cities.

The platform allows users to upload photos of the city’s landmarks, buildings, and monuments, and users can then select their desired location, which will then be populated by the appropriate architects, engineers, and designers.

Users can then share their designs on social media with the hashtag #XinZhaoBuildcard and receive a chance to be featured in a future edition of the app.

The #XINZhao buildcard is the new way for people to show their creativity and passion for their cities, which is why we love this platform.

And it’s not just us: We love this idea of the new capital of the world because we know how much this city has changed since our first visit to Washington, D.C., in 1999.

We’ve seen how vibrant the city has become, the diversity of its neighborhoods, and how its people have embraced this new technology.

It’s great to see that so many people want to show off their creativity in the capital of their dreams.

Whether you’re a designer, architect, or architect-in-residence, we hope you’ll find a way to join in on the fun.

Check out the entire app here.

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