Building a toy from scratch has never been so fun.

With the help of some clever marketing, the duo built a Lego model of Star Wars: Episode VIII’s cantina room.

They’re currently building a model of the main Cantina in the park.

And they’re even planning to expand on the concept by using Lego to build the space where the movie takes place.

The idea came to Jayce and Camille when they were visiting the Disney theme park, the Star Wars Land, and seeing a new LEGO building concept for Star Wars, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

They were thrilled to see the idea of building their own building was a real possibility.

The idea of Lego building a room that’s open to the public was a dream come true for them.

“We’re not sure how we feel about building a castle,” Camille said.

“But, we do want to see how the castle would look when it’s open.

We wanted to build a room with lots of space.”

While Camille is the one who built the castle, Jayce built it himself, which he said was the coolest part.

The construction was a great experience, Jayse said.

“Building the castle was pretty cool.

It was actually a lot of fun.

It’s kind of like a Lego-style castle.

It has an entrance way that’s right next to the main entrance,” he said.

Camille and Jayce are the stars of the show, which also includes Luke Skywalker, Rey, and Finn.

They’re joined by their dad, actor Dave Bautista, and their aunt, Carrie Fisher.

Jayce and Jaye are currently in Los Angeles filming their upcoming movie, and Jayse is set to release his next Lego movie in 2019.


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