It was supposed to be a simple task: to create a brand new home for an elderly couple in South Carolina.

Instead, the house was transformed into a living memorial for the families of those killed in the Charleston shooting.

The historic structure, designed by architect Frank Gehry, has been called a “symbol of peace” by the Charleston Mayor Greg Mullins and “a beacon of hope” by local community leaders.

The home, built in 1884, is on a private, state-owned property that is owned by the State of South Carolina and has not been used since 2009.

The property was listed for sale on November 30, 2016 for $2.8 million.

The sale was then followed by a flurry of fundraising efforts that included a $20,000,000 dollar goal for a new home.

Now, after a decade of building, demolition and renovation, it’s finally being used.

Architect Frank Gehries home is undergoing a $2 million renovation and will be completely demolished.

#Charleston #Charlestonsmurder victims’ homes, which had been used for years, are being sold off to fund a new building. — Charleston Gazette-Mail (@gazettecharleston) February 6, 2021The new building, which will be a 6,000-square-foot building, will be called The House, and will take its name from the name of the woman killed by the gunman.

The house, which is located at 1218 South Orange Street, will have four bedrooms, six bathrooms and an additional 7,000 square feet of retail space.

The building’s facade will be white with black trim, and it will be designed with a unique “architectural” feel.

The building will be named The House by the local Charleston NAACP chapter, according to a press release.

The house was originally constructed in 1885.

The original owners, Frank and Ann McDaniel, were the first people to move into the neighborhood in 1883.

The couple had moved into the house because they were unable to afford a home in the area.

The McDaniels, who had owned a business in Charleston for decades, purchased the house in 1888.

The former owners had not lived in the house since it was constructed, but it was eventually converted into a house for the McDaniel family.

The new house is located on a property that was owned by South Carolina from 1949 to 2009.

The McDaniel house was the site of one of the most tragic mass shootings in U.S. history.

In the months before the shooting, the McDaniels rented the house from the McDevils to care for their three young daughters.

The victims, along with other members of the community, gathered at the McDonals house, hoping to honor the family members who were killed.

The family also had a funeral for their oldest daughter, Mary.

On Sunday, November 27, 2016, the family gathered at The House to pay their respects.

Mary McDevil, a school teacher and mother of three, was shot and killed by Emanuel A.M.B.O. police officer Dontrell Woods, who is serving a life sentence for killing nine people in Charleston.

The massacre happened just a week after Emanuel A, a man who had previously been convicted of murder in Georgia, killed four people at a church in Charleston, killing nine.

The shooting was the deadliest mass shooting in U-S.

History and the largest mass shooting of 2016 in the U.T.A. The police shooting was also the worst mass shooting for a police officer in Uttar Pradesh, India, which has seen more than 1,300 such shootings.