MEXICO CITY — Miguel Martinez Gonzalez-Rojas, the late pop singer-turned-actor who had a mansion built in Mexico for his wife and their daughter, will be able to open it for business when the mansion is completed.

The mansion, which is owned by his brother, will feature a kitchen, dining room, living room, and a theater with a projection screen, according to an official with the Jalisco state government.

The construction of the mansion, called a mondo building, will start in May, and the state will begin to lease it, said the official, who asked not to be named.

It is a part of the estate of Miguel Martinez Gonzalez, who passed away last year.

The project was launched by the government and has the backing of Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, who is known for his support of the arts and culture.

Martinez-Gonzalez-Rajas will be the first person in Mexico City to open a mixtape, or a record, in the new style.

The government has a plan to bring the project to the United States, which would also allow him to open up his music studio in Mexico.

The mondo project is a tribute to Miguel Martinez, who died last year at the age of 87.

His family has owned the mansion since the late 1970s.

It has two stories, with a private courtyard that will be a place for people to gather and enjoy the mondo style of the building.

The house will have a private garden, where the mondos and songs will be made, the official said.